About Me

I never thought I would find my calling at 38 years old.

I have three passions in life

My family

I love being a mom to my son, Kolya. And I am convinced my husband Paul is the best out there (but I’m biased, of course!).




I love to travel and immerse myself in other cultures. Seeing how the rest of the world lives, eats and enjoys life helps broaden my tolerance, gives me a chance to practice a variety of languages, and increases my appreciation for this diverse and beautiful planet we call home.


It all started when I moved to Paris in 1999. I wanted to capture my time there: the city, my friends and my travels throughout France and Europe.

After I got married and had Kolya, photography became even more important to me. It was a way to document every moment Paul and I had with our little boy. Also, because both our families live abroad, photography let me share Kolya’s progress with his grandparents, aunts and uncles who couldn’t see him on a regular basis.

Soon after we moved to the U.S., I began taking photography classes as a hobby. And then my friends started asking me to take their family photos. The decision to become a professional photographer seemed a natural next step. After trying different types of photography I soon realized what I truly love and enjoy is photographing newborn babies. I decided to specialize, and 8 1/2 years and hundreds of babies later, I still I get very excited every time about meeting that new little person and being part of such of happy times in the lives of that new growing family!